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Marketing Mix Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Marketing Mix - Assignment Example Anyone with the ability to express themselves in a convincing manner would have easily passed for a good marketer. I then discovered that I did not know what the process of marketing entails (Huang, pg.47). It is a general assumption that marketing entails travelling, talking and most importantly convincing. Most of my friends think that marketing is an easy and straight forward process. On the part of my relatives, marketing involves them asking of questions and ensuring they are convinced before they spend their money. The real issue of marketing is however a complex process. Marketing involves more than just words and convincing (Huang, pg. 67). A successful marketing is subject to a variety of factors like technology and skill. For the customer-company exchange to be successful, the marketing has to be efficient and up to the task. Use of modern technology in marketing is advisable. Despite saving time and money, managers have confirmed technology as a very efficient means of marketing. The marketing labor has to have a high level of skill and education in that field of practice. Drafting my marketing mix is not going to prove an easy job. In the face of prospective employers, I may require patience and technique to sell myself successfully. Employees also require skilled and experienced labor. I am going t gain skill through education, but time has to be consumed in the process of gaining experience I am also going to use technology to market myself to my prospective employees. I will develop a website from where potential employees can access any information they need about me. In as much as it is important to market myself to potential employees, it is a relatively difficult

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Strategy Implementation Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Strategy Implementation - Term Paper Example Introduction The main purpose of the paper is a complete investigation of the various significant strategies that have been implemented by Southwest Airlines in order to attain its desired business objectives. The analysis of the strategy implementation of Southwest Airlines will be conducted on the basis of the organizational design, key strategic control procedures, providing primary concern towards human resource issues and the cultural factors that are present in Southwest Airlines. Moreover, the effect of these significant facets upon the implementation of the strategy of Southwest Airlines will also be taken into account in this particular paper. Thus, it can be stated that the analysis regarding the implementation of the assorted business strategies of Southwest Airlines will be accomplished by acquiring a brief idea about the above mentioned facets of Southwest Airlines. Organizational Design of Southwest Airlines The organizational design of Southwest Airlines is known to co mprise several areas that principally include the issues relating to control and authority, division of products, communication and potential market structures. Southwest Airlines emphasizes and possesses strong capability with regard to these significant areas. Due to the expansion of the business of Southwest Airlines, the organization follows a hybrid, complex, multi-divisional arrangement that is based upon vertical as well as horizontal differentiation and is quite concerned with maintaining a good relationship with the customers by offering them superior quality of service. The major reasons for Southwest Airlines to follow the multi-divisional organizational arrangement are the need for augmenting the competence of the organization, ensuring profitable growth as well as firm control. Moreover, according to the multi-dimensional organizational structure of Southwest Airlines, the organizational behavior is learnt to be controlled through an important aspect of internal upward mobility. This particular facet means that especially the divisional managers of the organization are usually groomed in order to enter the corporate world of Southwest Airlines. They are provided with attractive financial rewards in the form of incentives on the basis of their performance in order to get promoted to higher positions. Additionally, the organizational structure of Southwest Airlines is designed in such a way as to focus upon the demand of the consumers for the purpose of making effective decisions on the basis of their level of satisfaction and reaction (Dearinger, 2010). Key Strategic Control Systems of Southwest Airlines The most important key strategic control system of Southwest Airlines is about the establishment and the execution of point-to-point flights rather than employing the approach of â€Å"hub-and-spoke† mechanism. The application of point-to-point flights instead of utilizing hub or spoke arrangement is regarded as one of the vital airport hub strategies of Southwest Airlines. The other significant strategic control system of the organization is the application of online bookings for its large customer base through the website of the company. It has been apparent that a considerable amount of passenger revenue of Southwest Airlines is generated by the execution of online boo

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Utilitarianism - Justice Essay Example for Free

Utilitarianism Justice Essay A person who is a utilitarian believes in one principle of utility, which is to opt for an action that will bring the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people (Ronsenstand, 2013). It is not a decision made with selfish intentions, as it does not matter who benefits from the decision, as long as it is for the greater good. The utilitarian belief can be a solution to certain moral problems, but there are also problems that may arise from it. One of the problems of the utilitarian theory is that it is hedonistic and ignores individual rights (Sandel, 2009). Utilitarians will often look at the ‘big picture’ to determine the course of action that should be taken. If the decision is made in favor of the happiness of the greatest number of people, then what happens to those who are in the minority group? One example is the death of 6 months old Isis Charm Vas who was thought to be murdered by her babysitter, Ernie Lopez in 2011. Medical examiners failed to take into consideration that the child might be suffering from a rare blood disease. It is often found that in cases concerning the death of children, the law is quick to convict a person just to close the case as it impacts the society emotionally. Similarly, William Dillon served 27 years in prison for murder before he was exonerated from the crime he did not commit. It is not unusual for the law to convict innocent people just to provide closure for the family of the victims and also to give a sense of satisfaction or justice to the society. Society will naturally demand justice for these murders, thus putting pressure on the law to act quickly and often, make costly mistakes on behalf of innocents in the process. These people might sometimes be considered as ‘scapegoats’. Based on these cases, a utilitarian might argue that in general, it might bring a greater good to the vast majority if such criminal cases were brought to a closure, no matter if the person is truly innocent or not. Sacrificing one person is better than the unhappiness of a whole society. Closure reduces the hype around a particular case especially if it concerns children, which plays with the sympathy and anger of the society. The theory of utilitarian might argue that it is more important to restore the faith of the people in the law. If too much time is spent finding exact evidence pointing to the right offender in a case like Isis Charm Vas, the community might lose faith in the law thus creating even more problems in future. If no one trusts the law to provide justice, people might stop abiding the law altogether.

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Justifying the Murder in Beloved by Toni Morrison Essay example -- Bel

Justifying the Murder in Beloved by Toni Morrison Beloved is a tale about slavery. The central character is Sethe, who is an escaped slave. Sethe kills her child named Beloved to 'save her'. The book is written so that different peoples points of view are put forward in different chapters. Toni Morrison presents three types of love relationships, parent-child, brotherly love and sexual relationships - within or near the confines of slavery. Slavery weakens the bond between mothers and there children. Three parent- child relationships exhibited in Beloved are the bond between 'maa'm and Sethe', Sethe and Beloved and Sethe and Denver. Their relationships explore the bond between all the characters. There are two ways of interpreting the killing of Beloved, Sethe could be seen as saving her, motivated by true love or selfish pride? By looking at the varying nature of Sethe, it can be said that, she is a women who chooses to love her children but not herself. She kills the baby, because in her mind, her children are the only part of her that has not been soiled by slavery, she refuses to contemplate that by showing this mercy she is committing a murder. Throughout Beloved, Sethes duplistic character is displayed in the nature of her actions. Shortly after her re-union with Paul D she describes her reaction to schoolteachers arrival as 'Oh no, I wasn't going back there. I went to jail instead' (P42) These words could be seen that Sethe was portraying a moral stand by refusing to allow herself and her children to be dragged back into the evil word of slavery. Clearly, Sethe believes that her actions were justified from the beginning. . Wh... ...remember is how she loved the bottom of bread. Can you beat that eight children that's all I remember'. Like Paul D she adopts the practice of 'loving only a little', accepting that she has no control over her children's lives. Sethe's act of violence is in her not compromising a right to love her own children. When Paul D criticises her for her large claims, saying her love is 'too thick. She responds that 'Love is or ain't. Thin love ain't love at all'. For Sethe love has no bounds. Her ideas of right and wrong are confused. What we have is a bizarre version of love - mother, daughter, and vengeful ghost, and the book confirms that it is a prehistoric society which has caused all this inhumane view of life. This leads to Sethe to her killing her daughter. Bibliography: Morrison, Toni. Beloved. New York: Knopf, 1987

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Operations Management and the Demise of Best Buy Essay

BEST BUY This project will discuss the inventory methods, customer service, and overall operations of Best Buy and how through better operations management the company can be operated. We will use examples from the text book, class discussion and group discussion. We will also consult with trade journals and internet articles. Overview: Best buy was founded in 1996 in Richfield, Minnesota by Richard Schulze as an electronic specialty store. The company has gained 19% of the consumer electronics sales market. Best buy operates over 1150 stores worldwide and has several different brands and subsidiaries including Geek Squad, Magnolia audio video and Best express. Best buy has generated over 40 billion dollars in revenues in North America, 3 billion in Europe and 1.5 billion in China. Best buy experienced great revenues when its rival Circuit city went out of business and did very well up until the economic downturn of 2008 and 2009. Problems and current situation: The company continues have to have fierce competition from Verizon, ATT, Apple Wal-Mart and most importantly â€Å"Amazon†. The completion for customers is only getting fiercer with the online retailers like Amazon continues to take more and more market share away room Best Buy. Downfall of Best Buy: Why is best buy going out of business now? In one sense Best Buy is its own worst enemy; there has been number of issues with best buy. Some of the stated issues are: 1. Poor product knowledge and lack of product availability: For example at the beginning of the semester I wanted to buy a new laptop. I went to the Best Buy closest to the school and I knew what I wanted and how much I was willing to pay. I had research the Best Buy website and found it  online but did not have time or patience to wait. So I went to the store and they did not have the laptop I wanted. I found a similar laptop that performed just as well but it’s not what I wanted. 2. Higher prices: Best Buy cannot compete on price any longer and the customers know this full and well. For example if you found the attest technology gadget in best buy for 100 dollars and online for 75 dollars, where would you buy all thing being equal. Of the answer is you would buy it online. Especially if it’s a product you are familiar with. This only makes Best Buys show rooming problem even worse. 3. Poor Customer satisfaction: Satisfying a customer is a major key to make business, but best buy seems loosing this key. Some recent surveys show that Best Buy has been doing its best to leave the troops unhappy. Major factors for this are the higher prices, poor customer service, and lack to inventory management. In this era of Cut-Throat Competition, Best buy is losing its grip in the electronic market. Corporation like Amazon, eBay are spreading its business very fast leaving no scope of mistake for its competitors. Best buy has lacks product for display in there show rooms, says my personal experience. Entering the stores and unable to spot the latest products of high end American brands like apple, doesn’t impress anyone. Specially, when you have the access to all kind of electronic product on websites like Amazon that too with all kind of technical details. Best Buy need to develop its inventory management so as to display and deliver products to their customers on time. Focusing the blunders where company made apologies to thousands of customers for not delivering products for Christmas which were orders on thanks giving, Best buy’s reputation is in jeopardy Another trouble which Best Buy is facing is – it is unable to provide a free home delivery unlike Amazon and EBay. Also these online websites provides facilities like picking the product from the customer’s place if the customer wishes to return the order. This has deprived Best Buy from a huge crowd to potential customers. There is a severe need that best buy should make some strategies to develop a system of free home delivery. One more factor which bothers most to a lay man is paying high prices. Best Buy must work out some plans to compete online websites and also some emerging electronic store which intend to sell  products keeping low margin money. Serving the customer in better way seems like a past policy of Best Buy. When a company’s customer experience starts to drop, it’s time to sell the stock. I’m afraid that may have happened at Best Buy, especially when I look at their new customer satisfaction surveys. Moments when the customer representative have no clue to the technical aspect of the product has become common. May be some training sessions for the CR’s may come out fruitful. Dominant trends are consistently conspiring against their business model; Best Buy must accept this fact. Out of which buying products from your house sitting on a couch, interests every customer. Moreover the innovative high graphic design and sophisticated virtual display of product is making things work better for online sellers and buyers but a hard nut for companies like best buy. Best buy has been trying aggressively to flourish its market in places like UK, China and may be, this has led Best Buy to get distracted from its home ground of performance. Seems like its high time for Best buy to re-engineer its business module and work hard on customer satisfaction sector. (Sources: American Customer Satisfaction Index and Devil’s Advocate Group analysis) Many store focus on customer service, but Best Buy does not care. According to â€Å"† Best Buy one of the lowest customer rating on customer service. I myself had a bad experience when I bought a Dell laptop on Best Buy online. The laptop will crash (blue screen) when I use more than 30 minutes. First, I thought the software I tried to find the problem, but not found anything. When it crashed too many times, I decided to restore the Windows. It still crashed then I decided to exchange the laptop at Best Buy Saugus (close to my house). I met a lady there then explained the problem. After that she took my laptop to test. When she came back she refused to accept laptop return. She told me there was nothing wrong on that laptop. I told her I cannot use that laptop it crashed if I use more than 30 minutes. I had used that laptop for 5 days and the return policy is 15 days (now change to 30 days), so I can exchange. She replied if I want to return and exchange I have to pay 15 percent restocking fees. I asked her why, she replied because I returned a good laptop. I kept explaining her about the laptop problem, but she did not listen to me then she called another customer â€Å"Next customer†. I was very  angry. 4. Lack of Employee’s Knowledge and the use of technology: Best Buy has sufficient number of employees to serve the crowd of customers. Majority of the best buy’s employee does not have the best convincing power at first glance. They employees do not have sufficient knowledge about the product and are not updated with the updating of technology. From my personal experience I found that some of the employees do not have sufficient knowledge about the products. I went there to buy an Apple Mac Book Pro. I had used apple products since a long time so I asked them some technical queries. And out of my 7 queries they were able to solve only 4 of my queries, and on asking about the rest they replied me that we are extremely sorry but we do not have an answer for this. Then I went to apple store and placed the same 7 queries on their desk and I got the solution for all my 7 queries. The department also faces problems of over stock and out of stock of materials. Best buy is also not updated with the technology of automatic request of placing orders. There are problems when the materials go out of stock and the customer is in need to that particular material only. Being a competitive world the customer won’t wait for couple of days to get that material from best buy instead would go to any other store and get that material. These problems can be solved if technologies are used to a good extent. Comparing Wal-Mart and best buy Wal-Mart uses an automatic re-order technique for all its materials. For example: 100 counts of chips are ordered and the details are placed in their database. As the counts of the chips from their database go below 30 the system automatic places a re-order of 100 counts of chips. Using this way they never face an over stock and out of stock problems. The database is up to date with the latest entries of the inventories. 5. Inventory management: On the management side of the company it has big problems with its inventory management as well as its compensation policy. Best buy was very slow to enter the online market and has not done well in making its website very good. The company inventory system should change to a more perpetual inventory similar to Wal-Mart. And it should have a compensation system based on good sales as well as good service. A better Human resource policy based on production would better serve the company. The company must  also find a way to capture the customer in the store and not has the customer use the store as testing center to later buy over the internet. The company has failed to make this happen; better sales training as well as customer service training could offset this. Additionally Best has got to rid of selling DVD’s, and CD’s. They are taking up way to much space in the stores and they are selling fast enough due to them being obsolete. The company has tried to change this buy opening Best Buy mobile stores in shopping malls similar to cell phone providers. This has reduced cost associated with operating the big box store that best buy has been known for. This also reduces square footage to help in making the company more profitable. If they can continue to use this placement strategy they might be able to save the company. All in all this improvements may help the company in the short term. In the long term Amazon will prevail and put Best Buy out of business. 6. Online- a bad decision: Nowadays, the numbers of customers shopping online increase significantly. It is more convenience save time and money. Many retailers are focusing on Online shopping including Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Sear, Home Depot, Loews, Amazon, Newegg, and so on. Many Online stores do much better than Best Buy. Best Buy Online has many weaknesses including: shipping fees, price management, inventory management, and customer service. Best Buy does not care much about shipping fees. The shipping fees is too expensive if compare to other stores. For example, If I want to buy Number Hunt (baby toy), it cost $10.50, plus shipping $6.14, and plus tax $0.65. Total cost would be: $10.50 + $6.14 + $0.65 = $17.29 If I buy three Number Hunt, Best Buy will charge the shipping fee three times ($6.14 x 3 = $18.42). The total for three Number Hunt would be $51.87. If I buy from Amazon it costs $9.99 plus $4.99 shipping. Total $9.99 + $4.99 = $14.98. If I buy three Number Hunt, Amazon will not charge shipping free because the total over $25.00. The total for three Number Hunt would be $9.99 x 3 = $29.97. This example ( $51.87 VS $29.97) show me that Best Buy online store cannot compete with big online stores like or at all. Best Buy should talk to shipping companies to get the same shipping deal like Amazon or Newegg otherwise Best Buy will become a showroom. Another problem, Best Buy Online  has to compete with other retail store like Wal-Mart, Target, Sear, Kmart, Home depot, Loews and so on. The small stuff like toy customers most likely would buy from, because the price always cheaper than Best Buy and Wal-Mart charge flat rate shipping. It means whether customers buy one or five items they pay the shipping for the first item only. Whey Best Buy charge every single item? Best Buy has price match policy to compete with other stores, but the policy does not work on Best Buy Online. Best Buy has small AT&T in side and an Apple retail store. If customers want to buy I-phone 5 in store, Best Buy will sell to contract customers only. On other hand, customer can buy an I-Phone 5 without contract on Best Buy Online. It costs $699.00 ($50 more expensive that Apple Store). Why Best Buy sell $50 more expensive than Apple store? On customer point of view, it does not make any scene to buy an I-Phone 5 without contract form Best Buy Online at all. That problem make customers decide to shop at Apple directly rather than via Best Buy Apple store. Best Buy Online does not have a good inventory management to manage the inventory. Many customers could not receive what they order, because Best Buy Online does not have in their warehouse to ship. Here a quote from â€Å"awful. Service was bad, rude, and nasty. Didn’t have the product I wanted and told me they did. I had to wait 2 weeks to get it. I called and they said, there was nothing they could do. The entire district was out. That is awful inventory management to let 15 stores go out of a product. Will not be shopping here again† Sometimes there are plenty order items in the local Best Buy Store, but Best Buy local stores could not ship the item that was order on Best Buy Online. It is not a good business practices. Best Buy should allow local store to ship the item if Best Buy Online warehouse run out of stock to keep the customers happy and get the item that they ordered. Another alternative solution, Best Buy could adopt just on time inventory management to manage the inventory. If Best Buy wants to survive and be a best place to buy electronic product online, they should implement the shipping fees, price management, inventory management, and customer service. Best Buy Online has lost many customers. If the customers keep leaving Best Buy Online like that Best Buy Online would be out of business like Circuit City. It is not too late, but the implementation should take an action soon. Conclusion: In conclusion we feel that Best Buy would have to make a huge investment in operations management, training, inventory management and customer service to turn around the company. We feel collectively the end of Best buy is coming soon due to the above factors and more importantly the online retailers. Because of the deficiencies in Best Buy the company will not be able to recover from its flaws. We feel that the consumer will continue to use the Best Buy for showroom purposes and then buy online. The investment in time and dollars needed to change the company will not be worth it in the long run References:

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The Flight From Conversation By Sherry Turkle - 1103 Words

Albert Einstein once said, †It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity†(Einstein). Everyday, technology is advancing at a rapid pace, improving many lives and making things more convenient. For instance, in Japan, robots have been created by researchers at the University of Tokyo to assist home chores. Although technology has made our lives better, we have lost an important part of our self: the skills necessary for human communication. In her essay, â€Å"The Flight From Conversation†, Sherry Turkle effectively reveals the negative impact of technology on people: the loss of skills necessary for human communication and the dependency people have on technology rather than on people. She effectively supports her claim through the use of informal writing, her credibility as a researcher, the use of pathos and logos and finally oxymorons. The author’s informal writing style allows a connection between the audience and the au thor to be established. Turkle uses â€Å"we† throughout her writing, showing that she also experiences the negative impact of technology. By using â€Å"we†, it gives an effect of an agreement between the readers and the author. Turkle starts her essay with a strong connection with her readers. She wrote, â€Å"â€Å"WE live in a technological universe in which we are always communicating. And yet we have sacrificed conversation for mere connection† (1). By starting with â€Å"we†, Turkle includes herself, as she is also negatively affected by theShow MoreRelatedThe Flight From Conversation By Sherry Turkle1232 Words   |  5 Pagestime, there has been a lot of controversy over the use of technology in our day to day lives in Sherry Turkle s article, â€Å"The Flight From Conversation† she brings up a lot of main points targeting the use of technology and how it changes the way we interact with people. She explains that we have been accustomed to being alone together that many people prefer to be alone rather than having a conversation with someone. She also discusses how we no longer have traditional relationships where we wouldRead MoreThe Flight From Conversation By Sherry Turkle894 Words   |  4 PagesIn â€Å"The Flight from Conversation†, Sherry Turkle focuses on the decline of conversation because of certain technology, such as cell phones and computers. Turkle wanted to get her opinion about the lack of communication between people because of the technology we use daily out there. She was motivated by the way technology has changed us for better and for worse. In this article, Turkle informs readers of the affect that using technology has on our communication skills, the different ways we ratherRead MoreThe Flight From Conversation By Sherry Turkle1286 Words   |  6 PagesSherry Turkle was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1948. She is a professor of Social Studies and Technology at the Massachusetts Insti tute of Technology. She has written many works, such as Alone Together, and this article, The Flight from Conversation, was published in the New York Times in April of 2012. The claim she makes in the article is that communication technology is causing society to lose its ability to have a meaningful conversation. She presents several strong rhetorical strategies, andRead MoreThe Flight From Conversation, By Sherry Turkle911 Words   |  4 PagesSherry Turkle, writer and professor of social studies and technology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in her essay, â€Å"The Flight from Conversation,† published in the New York Times on April 22, 2012 addresses the topic of how communication has changed in our new technological universe and argues that people need to reconsider the value of face to face interactions over socializing through technology. She supports this claim by appealing to her audience’s sense of trust in credibility andRead MoreThe Flight From Co nversation, By Sherry Turkle850 Words   |  4 Pagesother people has become effortless and they experience less face-to- face conversations. Social media plays such a big role in our everyday lives that some people cannot imagine not using it at least once a day. In the article, The Flight From Conversation, by Sherry Turkle states, â€Å"We live in a technological universe in which we are always communicating. And yet we have sacrificed conversation for mere connection† (Turkle 29). In several ways, Social networking does not offer any positive aspectsRead MoreAnalysis Of The Flight From Conversation By Sherry Turkle944 Words   |  4 PagesIn the narrative â€Å"The Flight from Conversation† by Sherry Turkle, she says in this age of mobile devices and Facebook people have sacrificed conversation with connection. People are always on their phones and struggle to maintain eye contact, and when they’re texting in classrooms and even in dates when you are suppo sed to connect to someone physically and emotionally, and instead people act like robots and text even on dates and probably other social occasions. All this meant to show how peopleRead MoreEmpathy in Tannen, Deborah. Cant We Talk?, Hemingway, Ernest. Hills Like White Elephants., and Turkle, Sherry. The Flight from Conversation† 619 Words   |  2 PagesEmpathy in Conversations Empathy is defined as â€Å"the understanding of another’s situation, feelings, and motives† as defined in the dictionary. Some tend to find it difficult to comprehend that a person could lack such thought and concern for another living being. For as long as some can recall, the capability to treat others with compassion has been second nature, and a vital part in my moral principles. Being challenged throughout their childhood, their compassionate character was not only improvedRead MoreTechnology And Conversation : Technology971 Words   |  4 PagesShabnam Ojani Professor Ryan Fletcher 09/21/2015 Essay 1 Technology and conversation It is amazing how everyone’s life is changing by through us of technology. â€Å"Technology by definition means, the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science†(Technology). Today people use different kinds of technology like:Read MoreAnalysis Of The Flight From Conversation 1357 Words   |  6 Pageserry Turkle, the author of â€Å"The Flight from Conversation†, is a psychologist who focuses her research on psychoanalysis and human-technology interaction. In this article, Turkle expresses her opinions on modern day communication and how it is negatively affected by social media. Nicholas A. Christakis, the maker of the famous TED talk â€Å"The Hidden Influence of Social Networks†, is a sociologist and physician known for his research on social networks and on the socioeconomic and biosocial determinantsRead MoreHow Technology Has Changed Our Lives910 Words   |  4 Pageseffective ways of communication. People are getting used to a new way to be alone together while they are together. Conversation in number and quality decrease as technology replaces in human interaction Sherry Turkle, a psychologist and professor of the social studies and technology at the Massachusetts institute, wrote the article â€Å"The Flight from Conversation†. In this article, Turkle mainly discusses the impact of technology in the world today. She gives insight into how technology distracts people

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Wedge and Dash Projection Definition and Example

A wedge and dash projection is a drawing, a means of representing a molecule in which three types of lines are used in order to represent the three-dimensional structure: Solid lines to represent bonds that are in the plane of the paperDashed lines to represent bonds that extend away from the viewerWedge-shaped lines to represent bonds oriented facing the viewer Although there is no hard-and-fast rule for drawing a wedge and dash structure, most people find it easiest to visualize the three-dimensional shape of a molecule if the pair of bonds in the same plane as the paper is drawn next to each other, and the bonds in front of and behind the plane are also drawn next to each other (as in the example shown). Although the wedge-and-dash is the most common method of representing molecules in 3D, there are other diagrams you may encounter, including the sawhorse diagram and Newman projections.